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1985 MB 190E - FOR SALE - Cheap - $1500

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Hello all,<br> <br> This is what I have for sale:<br> <br> 1985 Mercedes Benz 190E - 2.3 Liter 8 Valve.<br> <br> Power everything. Flo~Pro Exhaust. The Exterior is a Maroon color - with a Tan leather interior.<br> <br> The Interior is in very nice condition! <br> <br> Here is a detailed list on the car. The Car is on sale for $1500. I have the title and everything.<br> <br> * Yes, those are the actual miles.(160,XXX)<br> * The Engine Rattle's - similar to a timing chain rattle, but it<br> is not the timing chain.<br> * The car had been in an accident, before I purchased it. The left<br> side quarter panel, the area where the back left brake light is located was<br> where the car was hit. The side of the car, in between the doors was also<br> hit. There was nothing major - and the car has had body work, and has been<br> given a new paint job(The current one.)<br> * The Sunroof will only open a few inches - it can be fixed, but<br> I donot have the time to have it done.<br> * The Back left door opens a little rough. <br> <br> Other than that, the car is in good shape. It runs good, and looks good. It<br> has treated me well. I just donot have the time, nor the room to keep it.<br> The oil has been changed on it regularly. As the pictures show, the<br> interior is in great shape, and it comes with a CD Player also - it needs to<br> be hooked up.<br> The Air Conditioner works great(Needs Freon). The car has a hard start up,<br> by that I mean, that you have to give it some gas when starting it in the<br> mornings.<br> This is normal with the older 190E's.<br> <br> I am located in the Dallas, Texas area. You can contact me at 972 - 625 - 0449 or you can E-mail me at [email protected] - thanks.<br> <br> PICTURES!<br> <br><br> <br><br> <br><br> <br> <br> -Arman<br>
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