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1987 300GD, 1987 300TD, 1991 300TE, 1992 300TE 4M, 1968 Citroen AK250, 1991 VW Syncro Camper
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Hi all,

I am posting this for a friend of mine - this used to be my truck and he is now selling it due to some downsizing. Please contact him, not me about it if you have questions etc. Thanks.


1985 300GD turbo diesel LWB. This truck originally belonged to Russ at Europa where he was and still is the lead salesman. It was converted to a OM617A turbo engine in Seattle when it went to its second owner there. After a small front end collision, it was sold to a fellow in Texas who had the body work redone (nothing structural) and then it passed to its third owner Adam and I bought it from him in 2010. It shows 73430 miles.

It has a Frybrid two-tank veggie oil system on board which was updated in 2009 with new valves, control system, oil and coolant lines etc.

The truck has a grey leather interior in excellent shape. The windows are electric. There is no sunroof. There is air conditioning. The center console has been modified to accommodate the veggie oil monitoring system which allows for automatic switchover when the engine reaches operating temperature. The veggie tank in on the passenger’s side of the rear cargo area and sits on top of the wheel well so there is no loss of floor space.

The exterior is truly rust free with excellent original paint. The left rear spring perch was replaced in 2009 because of some rust around the rubber stop. There is a right rear perch included but I am not sure it is needed.

The engine is from a 1984 sedan and has been fitted with Bozio injectors with less than 2500 miles on them. The engine shows some uneven compression numbers (1-5: 400/410/380/300/380) and there is a slight noise from the turbo. If the purchaser would like it, I can include a 80K OM617A engine from a 79 300SD which I got to replace this engine when the time came. Water pump was replaced less than 1000miles ago. The alternator was replaced recently with a heavy duty Bosch unit. The ignition switch was also replaced along with a new battery.

The transmission is the standard Gwagen 4speed automatic which was professionally rebuilt at a cost of 4K less than 1000 miles ago.

The truck includes a very solid Front Runner/Wind Cheetah, rack and rear access ladder which came from Karl Volger upon which is mounted a medium width extra long Maggiolina tent. The tent includes the original mattress and pillows still in plastic as well as the ladder and two cranks. More info on the tent can be found here. AutoHome Maggiolina top roof tents for car camping

It was used maybe 10 times by the previous owner and is the Maggiolina model which pops straight up on all sides.


Rick Abbott (rickhope82 (at)


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