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1985 500 SL, 2001 E430, 1998 SL500
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I feel very fortunate that I just acquired a beautiful 85 500 SL in Silver/Black combination. Well cared for from an older couple. 118K miles.

I need a bit of help.

1. Stereo is older Blaupunkt (sp?) with terrible speakers. I need feedback on a good source to find a step by step process of head unit and speaker replacement. I've done others but I'm a bit leary of tearing into this one.

2. The lamps in the header of the windscreen only come on with the switch in the 3rd position. They won't switch on with the doors open. Am I in need of a new dash switch or door switches? Am I missing something?

3. The shifter has a gated opening at the very bottom. It has an E with an arrow and there seems to be a sliding gate in that position. What is this, it's not in the owners manual.
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