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1985 500 SEL Camshaft

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What causes the right hand camshaft to lose a cam lobe?
After pulling it apart the oil feed tubes were not obstructed.
Possibly not the correct oil?
I only drive in summer I was running Castrol GTX 20w50
Too thick? No zinc? Weak hardening process?
You guys are the pros thanks in advance
Only 128,500 MI on car
would like to drive it a while longer
I would like some advice on oil and change intervals.
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Still no takers? I was hoping someone would have an opinion about this. I almost have it back together
I never noticed the oil pressure down or fluctuating, I had a lifter tick that would come and go, and then it was there all the time. I pulled valve covers off and found rear cam lobe right side gone.
I haven't checked the hydraulic rocker arm ball stud yet
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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