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1985 Mercedes 300SD Turbo Diesel sedan. 236,000 miles (27 years old, averages less than 9,000 miles per year). Located in Los Angeles, California, USA. Originally sold in California and still per factory.

The car is equipped (and we have successfully run it on) a Waste Veggie Oil (WVO) single tank system. Included with the purchase are everything needed to filter oil: a set of bucket filters and three (3) 5 micron sock filters. Included will be a pair of 55 gal drums for storage along with a new industrial oil pump to fill the car.

WVO system includes injection line heaters (the orange tape you can see on the engine picture).

Engine is strong. Within the last three months Mercedes Benz (under warranty no less) replaced the TURBO and Trap Catalyst.

Monarch high performance Injectors installed 11k miles ago.

Brakes, discs and pads were replaced 4k ago.

Custom wheels. Rires with under 6k miles

Current License tags

Sunroof works

Panasonic Stereo with an iPod adapter

All windows work

Alarm and automatic door locks work

(we have all the maintenance records from previous owners and our self).

The air conditioner is blowing warm only out of defrost ducts.

Also included are a number of spare parts including a new oil filter.

My wife and daughter has been driving this daily for the last five years and have saved $1000's of dollars by burning waste veggie oil (from a local Chinese food joint).
With Diesel in California now over $4, this is a no-brainer. It's simple to filter the oil and just pour it in the tank.

The car has been repainted, there are a few blemishes but body in great shape this is a true California car. The chrome strip on the drivers door is loose.

Front seats were reupholstered at about 180,000 and are in good shape. New front seat control in Drivers door.

Here are some pictures and an eBay link.

Mercedes-Benz : 300-Series SD in Mercedes-Benz | eBay Motors
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