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1985 300GD LWB with OM617A TURBO DIESEL AND WVO TWO-TANK SYSTEM - $21,000 (Rack, Ladder and Roof Top Tent are optional extras)

PHOTOS: Flickr: caleb5's Photostream

There has been some confusion about this truck as I posted info on it on some other forums for the current owner, Rick, who purchased it from me. He knows very little about the truck and was very uncomfortable about selling it over the internet so I took over to help him out. So, I am the point of contact and will handle all the details including price negotiations as I know the truck very well. The truck is located in Anchorage Alaska.

This is a truck with a heritage going back to EUROPA. This truck used to belong to Russ from Europa, then went to Terrance O'Neil in Seattle then to TX briefly then to me and then to Rick. I Seattle it was involved in a front end collision but the damage was cosmetic and has been well repaired. There was no structural damage that I saw or that the body guys identified when I spoke to them. I had it for several years after driving it up from California to Alaska and then Rick bought it from me a year or so ago because he really wanted one after seeing it. I bought a 1987 to replace it and Rick had some minor work done on it and since then it has been sitting because his wife did not like having to climb the ladder to get into the tent which made it not much fun for travel and changed his plans for using it.

Engine/Drive train:
The engine is a OM 617A from a 83 (I believe) sedan. I had the auto transmission sent out to a place in TX for a rebuild (at a cost of $3500) and it is the Gwagen tranny with the locking 1st gear - not the sedan version. It probably has less than 3000 miles on it since then.

There are no drive line vibrations and the shafts have always been lubricated regularly by me. The front axle has shown no play or issues in the hubs. The rear axle is fine and all diff and TC oils are synthetic new less than 7000 miles ago. Front and rear diff locks work as they should.

Since Rick got it, he put in a new glow plug control unit, alternator, battery, ignition switch, glow pug relay etc. When I had it, I totally reworked the veggie oil system using Frybrid parts and updated the heat exchanger, replaced all the hose-in-hose runs etc. It works great and I installed a valve so the heat to the rear tank can be turned off so it can be used for diesel if desired (I used it this way on long trips –All trips in Alaska are long!). The system will automatically switch from diesel to veggie when the temp is appropriate and will remind you to purge when you stop the truck. This truck was even featured on the Frybrid website. It was originally installed by Frybrid in Seattle when the PO had it there.

I got the compression test results from a cold engine test we did in April 2011 (he has not driven it more than 100miles since then):

Cylinder 1 - 400psi
Cylinder 2- 410 psi
Cylinder 3 - 380 psi
Cylinder 4 - 300 psi
Cylinder 5 -380 psi

My understanding is that numbers should be 350-435 PSI but not lower than 200 with no more than 45 psi difference. So it is really not doing badly at all but you should have all the data.

I replaced all the fluids – antifreeze, brake fluid etc. It has new brake lines up front. Brakes are good front and rear.

As an aside, if one was so inclined, I do have a OM617A with an original 88K miles from a 1979 300SD sitting in Rick’s shop you are welcome to if you would rather just swap engines and not worry about that low cylinder. I drove the donor car for a year before she rusted away too badly and that engine is superb. I held on to it thinking I would use it but my current 300GD is doing just fine.

It drives wonderfully and for me, it is plenty fast and can drive 70 all day if so desired.

The truck is in amazing shape with one of the best frame/body and interior I have seen. There were only two areas of rust which caught my eye. The Left Rear upper spring stop rusted off and I welded whole new spring perch in. There is one for the right side included with the truck but I am not sure it is needed. There were two small spots on the driver's floor and I welded those up and sealed them with POR-15. That is all I could find and I went over it with a fine tooth comb. It is one of the best I have ever seen in this regard.

The interior is excellent gray leather front and back with no issues at all. The dash has been modified for the WVO controls but this was done by overlaying a plate on the existing dash so it can be removed if desired to return to normal if the WVO system is not used. The glove box has been modified to house the control module for the WVO system but the sheet metal has not been altered.

I agreed to buy back the rack, ladder (purchased from Carl Volger) and Maggiolina roof top tent (RTT) as many folks were not interested in them and they added to the cost. They are available if you would like to get them with the truck. Ask me for details. The set up is really fantastic for travel/camping. I have found nothing better. The tent was used for 1 week by me an that is it.

Originally , I think Rick was asking $28K or so which is unrealistic. I told him I would buy back the top (it is brand new) and rack if no one wants it and put the truck back on the market for a more reasonable $21K. He does want it gone before winter - and we are probably about two weeks from the first snow here! He is indeed what they call a "motivated seller"

Feel free to ask me questions - I will do my best to answer them from experience with the truck and Rick's info. This can be a good deal on a great truck for someone. If you are considering shipping - I would count on $800-$1000 to ship it to Tacoma on the ship/barge. I can deliver it to the port so there is no expense for that on this end. Trucking it around the lower 48 is not as expensive as shipping from AK to Tacoma. If you are in Canada, shipping to Vancouver etc can be arranged as well.

If you are looking for a more of a fix it up project - Rick also has a 1980 ambulance door LWB 300GD (no turbo) with a bad injection pump (a good used one is ready to be put in) and some body rust for half the price. I love those rear doors but it would take a bit of work if you wanted the body to be perfect. It looks good now in its dark green paint but there is rust under there! Maybe you would liek to buy the green one with the other engine and do a turbo swap yourself? The green truck has a 4sp manual and wind up windows by the way.

Thanks for your interest. If you would like photos of anything else, I will be up at his shop and have access to the truck next weekend as I will be working on the Mog getting ready for the winter plow routine.



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The Green One

Hi Guys,
Sorry for the delay. It took a while to get pictures from my friend. Here is the link for the photos: 1980 300GD LWB For Sale - a set on Flickr.

I don't know too much about this truck. It came form Poland, has been repainted and has rust but it is hard to say how much since there is new paint. The rockers look rusty but not too bad. It has a fuel issue, we think it is an IP but are not sure. A good used IP is included. The engine is the 5 cylinder diesel with no turbo. The tranny is the stock 4 speed manual. It does have a tropical roof which, up here in Alaska, is not a strong selling point.

I am not sure how much my friend is asking. He is motivated to sell this and the white one. So make him an offer.

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