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1984 190D
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I have a 1984 190D that I am pretty happy with right now and I'm thinking of getting a second. My major problem is A/C is out on the one I'm looking at. How much money would it cost to fix the A/C? Can I do any of it myself, and what should I look for? From what I've been reading lots of 190's have a/c problems. Here's the ad of the car:

197k, 4spd at, 4cyl diesel, decent tires, new in past year - power steering pump/lines and ignition, sunroof and ac do not work, this car has been getting around 40mpg since I have been driving it. This car may not be perfect but with very easy work it could be a very nice car!! Starts is cold weather, runs, drives great.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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