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1984 US model 300d vs 1984 euro 300d?

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what are the main engine differences in these cars taking in the emissions factor and the factor all euro engines are kinda beefier then the toned down US model?

(EX): US and EURO non turbo 300ds have different ijection pumps....did they even sale a non turbo in the US after 1981?
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1981 was the last model year for non-turbo diesel W123's in the US market.

The US 300D would have been turbo, with EGR. The 300D turbo was intended for the US market only. All 300 non-turbo diesel was continued til the end for D and TD. Coupes, as mentioned, were ended for 1981 model year. (diesel coupes also only intended only for the US market, so any 300CD in euro form is a virtual unicorn, I have not yet had confirmation one exists)

The IP does vary between US and Euro non-turbos, but the Turbo 300TDs in Euro and US form is shared, at least in style. I doubt the Euro models are made beefier, but perhaps tuned different (without the EGR system to lag on it) in non-turbo form (emissions again) as the turbos were. The factory tuned settings were opened up closer to the Euro standards the last couple years of production.

Hope that helps
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