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1984 500sel idle

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Hello all, I've done a search and now I'm totally confused [:(] I have a 1984 500sel, the idle "stumbles" most of the time when its at op temp, the oil gauge also jumps around while its doing this... thought it was due to rpm dropping then going back to normal but after reading some posts I'm not sure now... something about it being tied into the idle circuit. Anyway it also stalls sometimes when you come to a stop. From what in can figure out I need to clean the air valve and check the elec. box for cracked or cold soldier joints. The elec box is the easy part once I figure out where it is as I've fixed many "junk" Volvo overdrive relays in the past. I guess I'm asking if I'm on the right track and is there anything else I can do?

Thanks in advance for your help:

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Hello Aarn,

Well if you can brave the 'Volvo Overdrive Relay Syndrome', you're gonna fit in just fine here! [:D]

I'll bet the oil gauge reading is very much connected to the evasive idle speed. Your car might have a compound problem... What happens if you spray each injector holder (engine running)? If the speed changes, smoothes out or drops off.. you know there is an vacuum leak..

Here's the box location.......

Good luck, MBL


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Good Luck!

What happens if you unplug the Ox Sensor (warm running engine)?

Smithfield Hams........................ Man, I remember those as a house gift produced by my uncle from VA, several times during my formative years.

Mouth watering pretty good right now, MBL [:D]
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