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Hello. I am thinking of selling my beloved "vaggen" and downsizing to to a sedan (either a 240 manual or 300). I will post photos tomorrow but I just wanted to gauge the interest of fellow members. I rather sell the wagon to someone on this forum rather than someone on e-bay or craigslist.

Here are some preliminary specs on the car.

1. Model: 300tdt
2. Year: 1984
3. Color: Classic Merc Maroon/interior: Palemino MB-Tex
4. Miles; 103,xxx (low for the year but I am lacking paperwork for verification purposes (I have paperwork from 1996 onwards)however the my mechanic states that the condition of the engine and interior are consistent with the miles. However I completely understand any hesitation and doubt on the part of any perspective buyer).
5. Condition: Mechanically: Car drives and runs excellent. I have maintained it with regular maintenance i.e. oil changes (always either Delo or Delvac/Mann filters), annual valve adjustments, return lines etc. I have maintenance records for the past year. I will also provide you with contact info for my mechanic.
Interior: The interior is immaculate. No rips or stains (some fading in the back of the wagon by the spare wheel well) Everything works including the A/C ( I live in Las Vegas. Need I say more re: the A/C??). New MB mats. NO CRACKS IN THE DASH. All of the interior lights work/sun roof functions as it should.
5. The car will cruise at 90-100 mph effortlessly at highway speeds. I travel regularly from Las Vegas to southern cal and it literally "eats" up the incline grades (el cajon pass and mt. haloran summit for those of you familiar with interstate 15) like they were nothing.

Most importantly the car is a southwest car. It spent the majority of it's life in southern San Diego. Therefore there is no RUST. Now for the past year it has been in Las Vegas.

History of the car: I was informed by the previous owner that it was originally purchased by a Navy Captain. He then passed it on to a Phillippino gentleman who was a diesel mechanic in the US Navy ( Yes, he worked on the diesel power plants for Navy ships). This gentleman than moved back to the Rebpulic of Phillippines and the car sat in a garage for approx. 8-9 years ( I suspect that is the reason for the low miles). By the the mid 90's his sons had grown up and wanted to restore the car. The car was then operational sometime in 2000-2001. The car was then brought up to Huntington Beach where one of the sons of the owner had settled. I just happened to attend law school with his then girlfriend in San Diego. After they married and had a child, the wife insisted that they get a newer MB wagon with airbags. At any rate, to make a long story shorter, I ended up purchasing the wagon from them.

Some concerns:
1. tachometer and clock are non-operational. I will fix this when I make the sale or I can deduct the amount of parts/labor from the final sale price.
2. My mechanic in Las Vegas (his shop is a dedicated Mercedes shop--they do not work on any other make of car and he is a master mercedes mechanic originally from Encion/Tarzana California) has informed me that based on his experience, the car appears to have been repainted. Also the hood on the passenger side is not flush (in terms of millimeters) with the front quarter panel. What does this suggest? I frankly don't know but it does raise the possibility that it may have been involved in some kind of of an impact. How severe, I cannot say. I did an Auto Check and Car Fax and both came back clean. The title is also clean.

At any rate, that is enough information for right now. I will post photos later. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. And one last thing-- I will not misrepresent anything as it would be waste of your and my time.
Thanks for taking the time to read this very long post.

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Sounds like a very nice car! My brother was in the market for a Wagon for the longest time but has recently moved to Nashville and doesn't have the $$ or space for another vehicle. However, from your description and experience, i'm pretty sure that car would fetch a pretty good amount of money on Ebay, but that's without seeing pictures. My dad had his 85 300D painted a couple years back, only due to worn out paint. My point is sometimes cars need repainting, however, there is always a concern about a possible accident that might have occurred. I wouldn't really be able to tell you how to look for possible repair work, Although our 87 300D was rearended and repaired and repainted front to back.

As far as the alignment on the hood, My 300CD has a pretty fair gap (i believe its on the driver's side) that I never noticed until after a guy had backed up into my front area with a trailer. I never saw any damage until after I got home, noticed my brand new headlight bezel had a crack in it, and thus far notice the gap in between my hood and fender.

I would easily pay upwards of $10,000 for a nice example of a Turbo Wagon like yours is described, although service records would really help me make that kind of decision.

I wish you the best of luck in your sale, and look forward to whatever pictures you may have.

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