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FS: 1984 Mercedes-Benz 300D Turbo Diesel -- $500

Body: 4 Door Sedan
Drive: Rear Wheel Drive
Engine: 3.0L Inline 5 Turbo Diesel
Transmission: 4-Speed Automatic (has overdrive)
Mileage: 178,000

This is a great car that I'm going to be sad to see go. Unfortunatley my true love is early '60s Chryslers and I can't have too many cars around. The car is really solid and has performed very well over the years. I was listing it locally at $999, but when I was checking it over I noticed that the rear driver's wheel was tilted at an angle. Upon closer inspection I discovered that both rear lower control arms (assuming thats what those are called) are rusted where the shocks/springs bolt on. The rear driver's one is cracked somewhat which is what is causing the angle. I found a set on eBay for $200ea, and imagine that they can be found for less at the right wrecking yard.

With that in mind I can't, in good conscience, sell the car to an average consumer, but aside from that and a few personality quirks listed below the car is great and could give someone who knew their way around W123's years of service.

I'm told that the car was originally a German car, but I have no way to confirm that. It spent time in Hawaii, Alaska, DC, and then New England. It has gathered some rust over the years, but the undercoating has protected the car by and large.


New Brakes - Within the last two years I replaced all of the brake rotors and pads. Last summer one of the front calipers locked up and I replaced both front calipers as well as the pads again.

New Glowplugs - The glow plugs are under two years old and the starter is also the same age.

Sunroof Functions

AC Is complete, though it does not blow cold.

The turbo is functional (can definately feel when it kicks in).

Suspension - Last summer I also replaced the upper control arms.

New Tires - The tires are one and a half years old.

CD Player - The car also has a newer stereo with a CD player.

General - The engine burns no oil (or at least not enough that I ever noticed it between changes). The car drives well and has a smooth ride. The car is a bit hard to start in the winter (below 0F especially), there is a block heater in the trunk that could be installed to solve that.


While not all of these issues are critical, or even serious, some of them are a bit bothersome.

Starting – Either the starter wires, or the solenoid are bad, the car often won’t start by using the key and one has to start it from under the hood by jumping the relay block. There is a new starter and new wires in the trunk, I just didn’t have time (or the inclination to lay in the snow) to do it this winter.

Water leak – like many of these Mercedes with the sun roof, there is a leak somewhere in it that allows water to leak into the car. It pools on the floor, which was solved by removing the rubber bungs. There are no floor mats in the car. With these Mercedes the floor mat is the carpet, so the floors are just the rubber coating.

A/C – The car has A/C, but it does not blow cold. I’m told it probably just needs to be recharged, but one wouldn’t know until it was actually tried.

Suspension – The rear driver’s wheel is cantered in at about a 15 degree angle. Upon inspection it turns out that the control arm is bent due to rust around where the shock/spring bolts on. *** This is critical and should be fixed before the car is driven any length.***

Rust – At 178,000 miles the car has some rust. There is a little surface rust here and there, the worst is on the passenger side as highlighted in the photos below.

Please Call 978-979-4467 or email [email protected] with any questions.
The car is at 99 Haskell Street Apt 3 in Beverly Farms, MA (01915).


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I forgot to mention, the power antenna is broken with the top piece gone. It sufferred the wrath of some poor driver in an SUV that swiped the entire driver's side of the car. The rear driver's door lost its molding and the surround on the driver's side of the rear bumper was knocked off, however both are in the trunk.
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