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Here's the background story on the 84. I bought it a little bit ago from a shop in NJ that had it outside for sale for $800. A friend of mine knew I was an addict when it came to these cars and I called about it and later I bought it. They said the engine was seized because a young guy who owned it ran it out of oil. I had it towed back to my place and put at the side of the house where it is again now. I've had it run in the past to move it around once with a little work. I've acquired a good OM617 turbo that has good compression and oil pressure. Paint needs attention bad. Rust-free pretty much. I have a lot of spare time so I've torn it apart to look for rust and just can't find any really. I found some receipts in the glove compartment and looks to be well taken care of before that idiot owned it.
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