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1984 280 SL Ignition Lock Cylinder Problem

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I know this is the dreaded lock cylinder problem as the wife called and said she could not turn the key in the ignition today.
After a quick forum check I managed to go and rescue her and the car by getting some lube into the cylinder and getting the key to turn and had her not turn the key completely off when she got home or I would be grinding the cylinder out of the car.
I have removed the lock cylinder from the car and have cleaned it out but it still sticks from 0-1 position.
1. How do I disassemble the tumblers so any key works
2. Where can I get another cylinder. I do see some listed on ebay with different key configurations but will they work? They seem similar.
My key is long with cuts on either side of the flat metal shaft.
I don't mind a different key for door and ignition.
Thanks in advance
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Lock Cylinder Dissassembly?

Does anyone know how to dissassemble the lock cylinder and remove the tumblers. I would like to use the cylinder while I am waiting for a new one. It will not matter that any key would work in it not worried about theives,
I dont see any clip on the end of the barrel, just the bottom plate with two nubs sticking up. Not enough play to have a clip under the plate.
Ok, so how do you get that little pin out of there. Drill? I'm Still waiting on the part from so I would like to still disassemble this one. Any guess?
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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