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1984 190d Lifter noise / Clatter

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Can anyone tell me if the lifters in the 2.2 diesel engine need periodic adjusting? My engine sounds noiser than it use to, or is there any adjustment for the timing chain that I would need to check? Thanks
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Changed oil including an addative but still having excess noise in lifter timing chain area of engine, I certain this is mechanical not injectors etc. Can someone direct me to a good pic breakdown of the 2.2 diesel engine as I think the timing chain or a lifter is bad. Will probably do this work myself, any advise apriciated, Thanks
Did you or has anyone replaced the cam followers (lifters / tappets) in their 2.2 dsl.? I am very mechanical and I believe able to do this, however not being familiar with the engine I'm concerned about loosing the timing in the process. Advice welcome!
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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