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Does anyone have an exploded diagram of the locking mechanisms on the side of the hard top?
i am trying to make the chrome knob that the lever slides into to lock the ”tee” piece into the body.
It appears the tee piece is welded onto the shaft but how is the knob attached to the shaft?


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1987 300SL
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The chrome knob is held on by a couple of spring loaded steel balls, Col, much like a socket set locks onto the ratchet
Here's the underneath of the chrome knob with the arrow pointing to the groove the two balls, one either side, lock into

Auto part Wheel

And here is what it locks onto

Finger Auto part Fashion accessory

Mine aren't working either. One I can't get off, which doesn't really concern me, the other I can't get to stay on, pictured
I should pull both off the hardtop and get them properly functional otherwise they'll annoy me, or worse I'll lose one of the chrome knobs
They're NLA and as a consequence expensive on the used market
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