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1982 W126 300SD; Bernhilda
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Mercedes 300SD Euro Look Chrome Wheels New Stereo BIO
  • Item ID: 290510703400
  • ZIP Code: 95070
  • Price: $4000.00
  • Description: The car has been in the family for over 4 years and through this time we have replaced the shocks, springs, radiator, vacuum pump, valve cover gasket, engine mounts, engine shocks, camber box, many misc repairs for anything that broke, entire interior is brand new, power seats function great, sunroof doesn't work always and a/c is intermittent, new installed iPod stereo, subwoofers in the trunk.

    The car has a fresh oil change and fuel filter changes.

    Has 50k + miles of Biodiesel from Dogpatch Biofuel superior biofuel and gets 25-30mpg

    I use the car daily to travel from Saratoga to SF.

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