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Mercedes-Benz - 500-Series
1982 Mercedes Benz 500 SEL
  • Item ID: 320610665640
  • ZIP Code: 92647
  • Price: $1800.00
  • Description: 1982 Mercedes Benz 500 SEL / European Edition

    This is a 1982 and it is titled NON USA as it was originally imported from the European market ... it was custom ordered.

    I bought this car about one year ago as a project but due to a job transfer I have to part with it. The car looks great and starts every time.

    This is a gray market (non-USA) car. If you are unfamiliar with these cars, the non-USA title is the exact same as a car built for the U.S. however you get the German extras.

    For this model that means that you get the very desirable adjustable 4 wheel hydraulic suspension. I will include 1.25 gallons of AMG Low Temp Hydraulic Fluid.

    The Euro model also has the desirable "short" bumpers.
    If you are reading this then you probably know more about the Euro cars then I do so you already know these things.

    The car was ordered from the factory with the rear "500 SEL" badge never installed. This is obviously a rare request by the original owner.

    This car also has the fire extinguisher factory mounted under the driver's seat. This 500 even has the original First Aid pouch stored in the rear deck cabinet.

    There is a less than 1 year old Kenwood CD player which has an Ipod/MP3 hookup. All factory speakers have been replaced with Infinity Kappa Perfect speakers.

    The car was painted black less than one year ago and looks great. Some of the paint on the rear bumper is scraped due to backing into the wall in a tight garage.

    I have also installed a full plastic dash recover which really helps to clean up the interior look and feel of the car.

    Here are the problems with the car:

    The odometer does not work and has not worked since I purchased the car about a year ago. The odometer reads 185,611 and I was told by the previous owner to add 25,000 to that. You can see on the history report that the odometer has not worked since approximately 2005 so I can only attest to the miles that I have personally put on the car since I purchased it in August of 2009.

    I have probably driven the car an additional 8,000 - 10,000 miles over the past year so my best guess is that the mileage is at about 220,000.

    Windshield is cracked and needs to be replaced at some point but I have been driving the car for the past 2 months with no problems. The A/C is not blowing cold so the A/C needs a recharge if you would like nice cold air. There is a 3" tear in the driver's seat leather.

    Rear passenger door has to be slammed to close tightly (probably a very simple fix). The registration expired on September 2nd, 2010. It should be around $130 to $150 to register in California. I will reimburse anything over $150 but I am almost positive that it will be less than that.

    There may be a few other minor problems but almost everything on this car works properly.

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