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1981 380SL

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I bought my 380SL last Summer and I've got a lot of questions.

Why is there a heater vent sending air into the doors?
Where does the air go once its inside the door?
How come so little heat comes out of the middle vents on the dashboard?
The transmission "lags" each time it shifts up, do I need to have it rebuilt?
The gas pedal is "stiff" - for lack of a better word, is that typical?
I've seen replacement rubber door "gaskets" (or whatever they're called) for sale. My door "gaskets" are kind of old. Has anyone had any bad luck with replacing them?
If I have speakers installed in the back - somewhere behind the seats - where's the best place to put them?

Thanks for any insight you can offer...

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Welcome to the forums
I dont know the answers, but if you ask in your vehicles specific area someone there should have the answer.
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