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this afternoon a rod, bearings or piston broke and alot of metal clanging noise is coming from the driver side of the engine...
Ouch, sorry to hear that. It's, uh... unusual that something would seriously break only 10K miles after a major engine rebuild. Assuming all the work was done properly, I mean.

I am contemplating the following:
1. Selling car as is
2. Fixing car at auto shop
3. Pulling the engine out myself and getting it rebuilt
4. Pulling engine out myself and replacing with a rebuilt motor.
The problem is that i do not know approx how much any of these would cost.
1. The car market in general, and for cars like these in particular, is in the toilet. You won't get much at all for the car if you sell it with serious engine issues. I wouldn't expect more than about $1000.

2. The cost would be something more than $100 and something less than $15,000. Without knowing what is making the noise, there's no way to be more specific than that.

3 & 4. These engines shouldn't be rebuilt by the average Billy Bob's Beer, Bait and Engine Repair Shop. Getting one rebuilt by an MB specialist usually costs around $8K - $10K. You can buy a short or long block rebuilt by someplace like Metric Motors for about the same amount. That's probably more than the car is worth, so you'd have to decide how much you love the car. I'm upside down in mine by quite a bit, but I love the car, so it doesn't matter to me. A professionally rebuilt engine would last a good, long time.

You don't mention 5 - pulling the engine and replacing with a known good engine from a car with serious rust or other body issues. That might cost you $2K-$3K, with you supplying the labor.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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