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Hello everyone. I recently aquired this car not knowing that the HVAC system was so complicated. I have been dilligently searching these forums to gain an understanding of the system.
What I found was 2 vacuum lines behind the Becker radio amp (where it used to be) It looks like someone was trying to cut the wires and they were vacuum lines.One is black and one white coming through the firewall. I have no idea where they connect.Anyone have an idea where they belong. I think if I can get rid of vacuum leaks it would be a start.I do not see any open rubber "Y" connectors.
The a/c works great auto-hi and auto -low
Defroster works when selected on hi only and only blows cold air
Hi-low works without heat only when a/c is selected. with a/c switch off fan only works sometimes.
I do not hear the servo going to park but all the heater hoses are hot.
Servo looks newer and is not leaking.

It looks like the area that was disturbed was assoiciated with a radio replacement. The hose from the temp sniffer on top of the dash was dust. I replaced it with a piece of water pipe insulation (grey) fit perfect and snug. (be carefull that you don't split the insulation before installing) I guess I'm optimistic about getting it working.
I know the hot water pump could be bad as well as the amplifier.

Thank you all,
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