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1980 380 SL for parts

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I have access to a 1980 380 SL convertible and will be parting the car. It is a compete car with no title. If you need any specific part please email me and offer a fair price for the part. The car was donated to a charity and it will be destroyed as a fire training vehicle soon. Basically set on fire and trainees put it out. A real shame.
So if you need anything let me know. This is not my type of vehicle but will salvage anything to save another 380 SL. The car is Silver with blue interior.

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I agree, but sitting next to it are the normal Honda's , Acura, Toyota's, etc. Most cars are donated to the training facility or police impounds that have not been claimed. I saved a 95' Alfa 164LS with 55k miles a few years ago from the torch. But cant save this complete car. Just save some parts.

So what should I pull from the car? I was thinking the tail and head lights, grill. Any engine parts or computers worth saving?

Thanks, John
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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