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1979 w460 SWB on Craigslist... is it worth it?

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So, I'm seriously considering getting into the world of G Wagons, and found this one on Craigslist... I'm in love with the diesel models, and this one is a 300GD that is advertised to have low miles even though the odometer has ceased to work. Seems to be in good condition, but can't tell by the pictures. In general, is 10K for a lower miles, but not pretty example of a early w460 SWG G wagon a decent price? I feel like 10K is a very steep price, but mechanically it's supposed to be in great condition. Tell me what you think- the link is attached.
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1979 Mercedes Benz G-Wagon Diesel

wow, it's come down in price since it was on bring a trailer.

it's not in as a great condition as you think it might be in your head. but saying that, if that g calls to you ... i'm sure the seller is willing to sell it (at a lower price hopefully.) jump in and grab it if you think you want to try a g.

i did and i'm super happy, but super poor (and i still have more things to do with it that i would have never had to do with my old 240d that i sold.) read the comments on the bat link above. and ... these really love to rust for some reason so be prepared for that.
start at 5. it's probably worth 6 given what i could see. no more than 7.

but this is only my opinion. i haven't seen it in person. given that he's been actively trying to sell it and no one is taking it i'm sure some crying will be involved as long as the deal is in your favor.

you might want to check yourself and research the differences between the lwb and the swb as they are similar but different in handling, parts, and justifying the purchase as an "economical" choice because of all the things you can do with it. ;)
i have a 300gd and it currently gets about 20. i had a 240d (w123) that got about 25. i had a 300td (w123) that could get close to 30.

the om616 vs om617 engines are very strange when it comes to fuel mileage. turbos can sometimes make it more efficient, sometimes less depending on foot stomping ability. weirdly the om617 engine (300) will sometimes get better mileage than the om616 (240) but it's sorta up to how well the engine was maintained i've found.

my justification process was that my 240d wasn't getting good mileage because i live on top of one of the steepest streets in the sf bay area and i also take my cars on 4x4 roads for a volunteering gig my family does. so, by getting a 4x4, i would save money on all the cv axles i was replacing on the poor old 240d. mileage is a consideration, but maintenance and equipment failures are actually more expensive when it comes down to dollars out of your wallet/purse.
this looks like it has less rust than mine! he unfortunately didn't show the shock posts (which are notorious rust places) to see if that needed to be replaced ... which requires a good welder but given it passed inspection they are probably good. interior (to me) can be easily upgraded anytime you have extra money and want to screw out the old and screw back in the new to you.

little weird things like the front (or rear) warning locker light not being on the dash. the center console has had a lot of stuff added/subtracted from it so it's had some farkling done to its electrical. i say if you want a project, this would be a good one but don't feel that you have to pay him for his time fixing it up as he did because he did it for himself and not the next owner.

if you get it, take photos! all the g people love photos of their cars for some reason. in fact while researching mine, i found my car has a higher profile on the internet then i do. ::angry face::
1979 is the first production year, so anything could be possible on it as they were still working out the kinks of hand producing the car for the public. i think the driver seat is a recaro which are nice so if you could find another like it it would look okay. again, most of those parts can be swapped out without to much trouble other than to your pocketbook or hours of searching and/or wheeling and dealing.

my rust is pretty extensive. back doors, rear door, front doors, door frame (i can poke my finger through it,) driver's side floor pan, both the fenders, both rear corner panels, and all along the inside pan. i have a huge project in front of me. but i knew when i got it what condition it was in ... and i still wanted it.

be warned though it will be like having another mouth to feed if you get it. it will give you lots of lessons in the life of owning a g. i learned today to have a good support of mechanically astute friends, don't be afraid, and prepare to be surprised.
i understand completely. :)

as for the rust, i'm contemplating all the options at the moment and probably in the future until i can afford to do a complete replacement of the parts themselves.

i did buy a welder and some harbor freight tools so that when i get the motivation, maybe i can try my hand at welding fixes until i figure out how to do it right.
What state are you located in anyways?
hmm ... state of denial? state of confusion? ... or state of california.

good luck. i was trying to find some comps for you to help your cause in dealing but everyone is out using their g's right now i guess. my advice is i've found you can't persuade a g owner from their g.

don't spend all your cash when offering. you'll need it. the g needs it's cut.
well, he has a good start value going on it (vs that other rusted green lwb one in the for sale section of this forum.) it's probably a good way for him to get the most amount of money he can for it. he says he wanted to keep it but doesn't really say why he's selling it.

good luck if you're getting it.

i think he did a pretty good job writing the copy on the ad for the truck vs the craigslist one.
two more days! looks like it's getting close to 7K and it has not hit it's reserve. if you're going to bypass ebay it might be a good time to act. ;)
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