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I am selling my beautiful 1979 Mercedes Benz 450SEL 6.9. I bought this car in January 2005 and put it through some considerable restoration.

Any rust issues were repaired and the car was repainted with all the rubber door seals were replaced. It now looks great.

I drive this car on a regular bases and I would call it a daily driver. The only reason that I do not drive it daily is because I have a number of other cars that I also need to drive. I would have no issues jumping into it and driving it to California as it runs very well and the engine is tight with no rattles. This is a very fast and powerful car and is great fun to drive as it is such a sleeper. For a 30 year old car, it has a number of features that make it a great daily driver including four wheel disk brakes, independent hydraulic suspension and power everything.

It is a US car, however, when I restored it, I replaced the large US bumpers and sealed beam headlights with the Euro lights and bumpers as I preferred the look.

In total, I have put around 20k on it since I bought it with a repaint, new rocker panels, suspension pump, and the timing chain was replaced less then 3000 miles ago along with the tensioner and guides.

The timing chain was done by David Poole at European Performance. Other work includes the flex disk, transmission mount and I never miss an oil and filter change every 3000 miles. The A/C condenser and drier and refilled the system with with virgin R12. It blows ice cold. In the last 1000 miles, I've replaced the tie rods and the rear suspension spheres.

As this is a 30 year old car and does now need some attention to certain areas.

Climate control servo is becoming problematic and blows hot air unless you clamp the hot water hose. Rebuilt units cost around $350.

The interior is clean but the dash is starting to show some cracks from the Texas heat.

Given the amount of money that I have put in, and the fact this is a go anywhere car at a turn of a key. The price is firm.

<b>Please wait for the high resolution pictures and Email me for any questions.

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