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1979 280 E

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Is there a big difference between a 280SE and the 280E. If so, What is it?
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-W116 chassis
-"S-class" of the 70's
-double bumper front and rear
-trim runs the middle of the doors
-much larger car at 5m length and 1.9m width
-interior more features, instrument cluster = 3 deep circles
-reverse light on taillight is towards center

-W123 chassis
-"E-class" of the 70's
-single standard bumpers
-trim runs the top crease of the doors
-smaller car at 4.8m length and 1.8m width
-interior less features, instrument cluster = 3 round dials, flat face
-reverse light on taillight is one lens outer than the SE

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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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