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I'm renewing all of the fuses in our '76 240D. The main fuse box was easy; I followed the printed diagram inside the cover and replaced everything with correct fuses. The smaller fuse boxes sprinkled around the engine, however, have kept me guessing.
I do not know what the different fuses do and I do not know what amp rating is appropriate.
Due to the fact that some of the fuses in the main box were of the wrong value I suspect that these fuses could be wrong too.
Also, which of these fuse boxes is linked to the glow plug relay? I recently replaced our plugs and the indicator light is no longer working.
Thanks, theob

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Here are the fuses and their designations:

1. 8A - parking/tail light right, licence plate/instrument/hazard switch/heater
& vrntilation controls/rocker switches/shift indicator illumination, head
lamp cleaning unit.

2. 8A - clock, trunk light, roof light front & rear, hazard warning system, power
window relay term 86 & 87, auto antenna.

3. 8A - parking/tail light left.

4. 8A or 10A - cigar lighter, glove comp. light, radio, seat heating front.

5. 8A - fog lights front, fog light rear.

6. 16A - windshield washer & wiper.

7. 8A - high beam right, high beam indicator

8. 16A or 25A - heated rear window, seat heating rear.

9. 8A - high beam left.

10. 16A - blower motor.

11. 8A - low beam right.

12. 8A - stop lamp, turn signal, instrument cluster, aux fan relay, a/c compressor,
switch-over valve idle stabilization, power windows relay term 87a,
cruise control.

13. 8A - low beam left.

14. 8A - back up lamp, carb heater, idle cut-off valve, horn, auto transmission.

In addition you also have:

a. 16A - power windows front right & rear left.

b. 16A - power windows front left & rear right.

c. 16A or 25A - aux fan, aux heating.

d. 16A - sliding roof.

That is all there is in the fuse box.

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