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Today's Jalopnik Nice Price or Crack Pipe features a Cayenne Orange 1976 450SL. The car looks to be in really nice shape, with an asking price of $8K. I voted Nice Price:
107s are priced entirely on condition. While the 1976 version isn’t as desirable as the 1977 or 1974 models (the 1975 and 1976 versions had the catalytic converters up in the engine compartment, not too far from the fuel lines, causing heat soaking and hot start problems; they moved the cats under the car in 1977), at least they don’t have the unobtainium 1978-1980 Chrysler-sourced automatic climate controls.

This one looks to be in very nice shape, especially for a California car; there does not seem to be any paint damage as is common for cars left out in the hot sun. An uncracked dash is a big win here. I’d be curious to see what’s under those seat covers, and if the seats are in good shape, I’d pull them entirely, as the 107's seats are comfortable enough by themselves.

Including the hard top hoist is a nice touch, as that does make pulling the hard top feasible for one person. There does appear to be some paint marring by the chrome wheel arches that were popular add-ons for these cars; 107 aficionados remove them since they’re mainly good for hiding rust. I’d like to see pictures with the soft top up, but you can’t have everything.

People seem to think these cars are good for $15-20K. They’re nuts unless the car is in absolutely perfect shape and have every single maintenance record. 165K miles is nothing for these cars, if they’re well-maintained; a prepurchase inspection by a shop knowledgeable about these older cars is a must.

Still, this one looks in good enough shape to rate $8K. NP.

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I love this color. I saw it on another R107 a few years ago. Just add a crash test dummy to the passenger seat. I hate the bumpers more. Lose the seat covers.

There are a few other MB's for sale with this color on the interweb.
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