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I get a recurring thump from the driveshaft when pulling away - it goes away at higher speeds. After getting the car up on hoist, the flex joints at front and rear both look to be OK. But running the car while up on the hoist shows that the drive shaft flops around a fair bit once 'drive' is selected. So it looks to me like the hanger bearing is worn out. No problem getting a new hanger bearing it seems, but it also seems to me that there must be a universal joint up in there - well hidden by the cover plate up over the exhaust system. I can't find any parts reference on a replacement universal joint though. I'm not sure that the universal (assuming there is one) needs to be replaced, but it seems to me like a good idea to change it out once I've gone to all the trouble of getting access to that section of the driveshaft. Also, it seems to me that the two halves of the driveshaft must be splined together near the hanger bearing to allow them to be separated in order to replace the hanger bearing. Any info or suggestions from anyone who's tackled this would be much appreciated.
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