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1975 45sel engine removal

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im pulling a 450sel engine transmission together. car is a 1975 w116 are there any special tools or is the a procedure. i plane on keepng the wireharness to the engine compartment. i wanted to get it all including the fuse box.are most of the bolts 13 15 17 19 mm or do i need a larger size
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im pulling this engine as a potential candidate t drop in my w123. my 280e burns oil so bad it misfires. also a few plugs were damaged from the oil. i got the car this way. its a grey market 280 with cloth seats manual windows and roof 4 speed and eurobumpers. the 280 engine has 120k miles. i suspect valve seals but have not looked into it.
i want the 450 as a back up in case my 280 is gonna need lots of repair
the 450 has 110k miles runs real good and shifts good.
or my other option is to sell the 450 and use the money for the 280
hope this makes sense
1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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