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1975 45sel engine removal

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im pulling a 450sel engine transmission together. car is a 1975 w116 are there any special tools or is the a procedure. i plane on keepng the wireharness to the engine compartment. i wanted to get it all including the fuse box.are most of the bolts 13 15 17 19 mm or do i need a larger size
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to pull engine and trans, just disconnect everything. put your hoist leveler bar so that it will tilt as far back as possible. remove the grille from the hood and disconnect the hood hinge springs.

Are you pulling the wire harness out of the car? There is no disconnect for just the engine part, it is all or nothing. the harness that comes out of the fuse box is for lighting, horns, etc. the engine part comes thru the firewall on the other side. you will need to take most the dash apart to remove that side as a complete unit.

Are you transplanting all this into another car?
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