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My new purchase is in worse shape than I thought. :eek:

Full tank leaks fuel(anyone drop their tank?)
All tie rod ends are bad
Idler arm bushings
Window washer not working(bellows pumping, nozzles clean, check valve moving??)
Horns not working (both have one wire off, no power, fuses are good)
Blinker switch broken ( arm won't stay up for right turn, big problem for son with one arm)
Glow plugs only get power while cranking
Vibration while under load

I need a service manual and plenty of parts. Any ideas or suggestions are very much appreciated::confused:

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Mercedes manual can be had on CD

Also you can peruse the classifieds for parts which can be had for a fraction of the non consumable parts for the car. has all of the rest of the parts such as the center support bearing. Glow plugs are easy. The washer may need a pump repair on the floor which is removable. The horns are fixable if the wires are just severed. Tie rods and bushings aren't expensive and they last a long time.
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