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Hi all!

I've been a member here for about a year, ever since I got my 450SL last fall. I've not posted at all as the search button has been able to answer all the questions that I've had. And, that was extensive. The search button is almost wearing out :).

In any case, the car that I got was (is) in a rough shape. Some would say that a parts car would be better than what I have. I replaced the timing chain, valve seals (in an attempt to correct people mistaking my car for a civil war era locomotive at startup), tie rods, rebuilt rear breaks, repaired the vacuum system, etc. Well, there are still lots of issues, particularly rust. Floors are in a shape that Fred Flinstone would not be embarrassed of and rust patches are all over the body. But, it does drive and I use it to putz around town.

Well, the time has come for me to part with the car and the question I have for you is what should be done: parting the car and junking what does not go, or trying to get rid of it whole? There are not many very nice pieces except small bumpers, MSD ignition, good shape hardtop, square headlights, and several other smaller pieces.

BTW, there are 140k miles on the engine.

Here are some photos:

Thanks for any input,


BTW, nothing is for sale in this post, hence I am posting it here instead of in the "for sale" forum.

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You'd probably make more money parting it, but that is a pain in the ass. It's time consuming, lot's of shipping and parts organizing, plus the work of removing the parts. Just my 2 pennies.

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So why has the time come to part with the car?

You know the car so well by now that you will be able to enjoy it and fix any problems that might arise.

In my opinion rusty cars should be enjoyed, left out and not worried about prior to being parted out. You won't get much for the car due to the rust, and nobody is going to care about the maintenance you have performed. The ly will look at it like this:
- euro lights: $300
- bumpers: $500
- neat wheels: $300
- tail lights: $150
- seats: $200
What else can you come up with? I am counting about $1500 worth. You probably won't get too much more selling the car.

So you might as well enjoy is whil you shop for a 73 with less rust. Hmm... I wonder where you could get one of those? :)

Is the car structurally sound? If so, don't worry about the rust and enjoy!

I think the car looks great in the pictures. It is just the close ups of the rust that make it look ugly. Enjoy it before you part it out. "Drive it like you stole it." At least until it "dies" which will probably be a while. As I have said before, it seems like these metal-backed-guide, iron block v8 cars will go forever.

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