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I am replacing the aftermarket cd player in my 72 sel 4.5 with a new one. The old one which was installed by the previous owner started smoking and burnt up. I have NO clue which wires go where. Here's what I need to install the new one:
1. A constant 12V supply
2. Ignition switch control
3. Lighting switch terminal
4. Ground

Here's what I have:

A Green and a Red wire routed to the right, seems to be running toward the firewall. Red, Yellow, and Black routed to the left, over the seering column, and spliced into a large bunch of wires. The yellow wire in this bunch is fried. I don't know if the previous owner wired something wrong, or the cd player fried it. I don't even know if these wires I have are original. I need someone to clue me in. I am up to the task of running all new wires if anybody knows where to splice in. Or, if its just something as simple as purchasing a wiring diagram I could do that also. Any help is appreciated, Thanks.
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