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Navy Blue 280SE 4.5

located in Jersey City, NJ.

ran great for 4 years for me, parked it for the winter and won't start although it cranks fine. (battery, starter motor works, gas is good, I assume the plugs are fouled or electrics need cleaning/checking.)

body has cosmetic issues, not too bad but definitely needs some work. Some surface rust in spots where it's got nicked from parking, but underbody is good.

Engine blows smoke, but never had an issue driving her. Used as a weekend car, made several trips per year to Montreal, DC, awesome road trip car.

not much rust, plenty of life left for a decent home mechanic - just don't have the time to play anymore.

good news:

- two owner car including me, little use
- transmission rebuilt less than 5k ago
- recent new whitewall tires
- valve guides redone
- tune ups at local expert shop on old cars.
- new shocks last summer
- have a lot of receipts.

Bad news:

- engine blows smoke, needs a work over to get running smooth again at low rpm (it will run on less than 8 cylinders at low rpm). don't have time and not good enough a mechanic. Hope it's not the rings but who knows, it could be. at high rpm is awesome highway cruiser.
- missing star on hood
- some damage from NYC parking (left side has a decent sized scratch)
- back left door sticks, and opens only on a full moon, when the tide is out and the gods are happy. Otherwise central locking works great, including gas lid/trunk.
- instrument console works, but is disconnected (gas/odo/speed are disconnected, oil, starting lights work)
- right front window doesn't work, all others work fine.

Priced to sell, but make me an offer!

call Alex 212 995 0030


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