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197 240D injector pump oil

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I have a 1973 240 D. There is a red cap on the diesel injector marked "Oel". What kind of oil goes in there? Thanks
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That oil is only for the govenor on the fuel pump,too oil will cause the car to be sluggish.
Be very careful when fooling with the injector lines,the hole through the pipe is very small and can be blocked if you bend the pipe.
Do not put your fingers near the fuel if you are turning the engine over with the injector pipes off,the fuel WILL inject into your skin and flesh ,causing morbidity[xx(] and possibly gangrene.It's under high pressure [:0]
The amount of fuel squirted at each plunger is very small,and the amount is set by the manufacturer on a mega thousand dollar test bench.Don't fool with the injector Pump[:(!]
If you need to bleed the air from the pump,there is a plunger with a black knob that you unscrew to lift up and push down.On the fuel filter is a small screw that you loosen,thats to get the air out of the filter housing and theres one on the pump proper but it usally does't need to touched.The fuel should run out the overflow lines comming from the top of the injectors,if you have all the air from the system ,while you work the plunger.[:)]
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