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2004 E320
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Greetings all...
Thought I would post this by way of an update (and in hopes of getting additional questions answered). :p

Paint and chrome are done (or very nearly so) and the car just went in for a new interior. My big question of the day is this...

The car currently has black carpeting that must have been redone at some point. Is there any way to tell what the original color might have been? Is there a website that shows the original color combinations from the factory? We have the leather resolved, but the carpet is bugging me. If it is black, that's fine. Just want to make sure.

Thanks for all of the help and advise!
Sounds like the paint & chrome are all done "or mostly" as the gent stated. Can you post some more photos of the car? I never get tired of seeing these great car's. As already mentioned , contact the classic center for the data card on your car for the correct carpet color.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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