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1990 Mercedes 300TE Estate Wagon 3.0L 208K miles Smoke Silver/Cream Beige Tex. and others.
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Your car is well worth the effort as long as you go into it with eyes open, restoration and parts for W111 coupes and Cabrios,(yours) are hugely expensive, but so is the value of the car once restored, just do a quick check on ebay and see what they are bringing.$$
Yours being a 2.8 is most likely a tall grille car, 2.8 with the low grille were run out models at the end of the production range and very rare, this was the V8 hood normally. Lower because the V8 set lower in the chassis, versus the tall 2.8 6cyl. They are truly IMHO the finest body style coupe and cabrio that MB made post war. I had a W111 Coupe 220SEb, and would truly love another when the right deal comes around.. Good luck with yours.
1 - 1 of 26 Posts
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