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i am a proud new owner of a 1968 280se coupe.

my new restoration project is in need of a few pieces but im not sure if they will fit or not...

i found all these parts coming from a 1970 280se SEDAN

I need front and rear bumpers, lower parts

fuel pump

front grill

passenger side light assembly plus chome bezel

2 front seats

i was wondering if any if all of these parts will fit ??

please any help would be great as i am waiting to purchase all these parts from a supplier and i don't want to miss out on buying every thing at once.

thank you again.

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1971 280SE 3.5 Coupe
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The bumpers are unique to the coupe. Sedan bumpers might fit but will not be correct. The grill is different. Head lights are the same. The seats are different because they flip forward to allow the resr seat passengers access. The engine parts are probably the same.
In short no body parts or glass are interchangable between 108's and 111's even though they appear similar but they are sililar mechanically.

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1965 220SE sedan (finnie) with 450SE conversion, 1964 220SE coupe project, 1966 300SE coupe
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For bumpers, try this lot:
W111 W112 Coupe & Convertible | Harrington Group
A whole lot of us in Oz bought them for W111's - I have fitted the sedan ones to my car but have not fitted my coupe ones yet. At about $1100 they were much cheaper than getting mine panel beaten then rechromed. Stainless doesn't quite have the same sheen as chrome though, but I do know of one guy who bought these then had them chrome plated.
Cheers, Drew
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