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CL500 - 1998; 250S - 1966
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1966 Mercedes-Benz 250s W108 Sedan Silver/Black/Black Automatic 109k Miles - 9200$

Comes with a CLEAN California Title and looks like the car has always been locally in california.

This is one of those vintage cars that actually make you feel secure when driving. Please check the 2 youtube videos and all the pictures i have attached.

These have been Rebuilt within the last 1000 miles:
Engine, Both Carburetors, Brake system, Steering Box, Steering Pump, Rear Differential, Rear axle suspension components. Reconditioned fuel tank and replaced fuel lines. New spark plugs.

This is one of the last hand built Mercedes cars. Not a restored car, but one that's been taken good care of.
The car was made in 1966 but looks and drives great. I believe i'm the third owner and purchased it not too long ago from a Benz enthusiast that worked on it to bring it to a driving condition for about 4 years. He had this and a second one which he used for parts. So most of the wearable components have been replaced with better ones. The car is very nice to drive and behaves pretty good compared to modern cars. Drives fine on the freeway and never saw it overheat in city commuting. The two tone exterior, (black with silver roof) makes this Mercedes look exceptionally presentable.

When describing the exterior of the car, it is really a matter of standards and expectations.
The car appears very presentable. Looks like it was repainted at some point, but paint looks relatively good, with a few imperfections. This is not a concours car, but looks very good vor a daily driver. Black color looks pretty good and shiny and the Silver roof looks like new. All glasses are intact and function as they should. It doesn't show any signs of accidents or damages. All lights and chrome pieces are in decent shape.
Has a small surface rust spot on the rear right fender under the chrome molding, but no rust on the inside from the trunk

Back interior with wood and chrome makes it for one of the most desirable color combinations.
The interior was overhauled. Installed new front and back seats. New Carpet. Detailed Chrome and Wood (not refurbished). Headliner seems in pretty good condition without any rips or marks
This is where you'll definitely feel like driving a nice mercedes. The soft seats, new leather and carpet, give this car the new mercedes smell. You definitely don't feel like driving a vintage car. Comes with Air Conditioning, Power Windows, Power Locks, Remote Alarm System and an aftermarket Clarion Stereo that was installed before i took ownership of the car. There are also 2 speakers in the back deck. And as much as i dislike the aftermarket parts on cars like this, you will find that the stereo is a good add on if you plan on driving the car daily.

I have a collection of Becker Radios and can include one with the sale. (You choose the model)

All lights, buttons, power options work,
Clock is dead, but i will include an extra one. The gear lever indicator is not working, but i will try to get that fixed soon.

Engine and Transmission
This engine was recently rebuilt. I believe i have about 800 miles since rebuild and it's still waiting for the first oil change. Engine doesn't smoke, there are no noises or strange smells. It's a 2.5 Liter, 6 cylinder with Dual Carburetors that were recently rebuilt and adjusted too. I had the compression rechecked last week and it all showed great results. Not sure what else there is to say about it. It's dry, starts on cold or warm. And it doesn't give me troubles.
Transmission is a 4 speed Automatic with column mounted shifter. Shifts great, although it has that "old school" shifting. These transmission didn't come with a torque converter so shifting feels different from a traditional modern transmission. It has a small leak, but it may be due for an oil change and that's when you'd change the gasket too. Fluid level is OK and shifts through all gears.

Suspension and Undercarriage
Undercarriage is in great shape. I had the car on the lift recentIy and saw no rust spots anywhere under the car. It doesn't look damaged either. Front suspension hasn't been repaired in a while but i have no issues with it at the moment, except for a rattle from the front left Spring pad. Steering feels good and no strange noises when going over rough road. Rear suspension has just been replaced. It has new bushings and seals in the differential. There's some traces of old leaks on the axle, but feels great now. The steering box and pump were both rebuilt just a week ago.
Brand New White wall Tires have been installed just recently on the original 14 Rims.

There are a few options that this car has.
Air Conditioning that has been rebuilt and recharged recently
Power Locks that are connected to an aftermarket remote alarm, you can also remotely open the trunk from the key fob
Power Windows go up ad down as they should.
Found a Becker Radio to include with this car. Please ignore were the pictures show the Clarion Radio

Pick Up in Orange County California
Text Me at 714-307-0655 or reply to this listing

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