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1964 merc 300SE suspension problems

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I am seeking information on my 1964 Mercedes 300SE.
I have been away for 4 months,and on my return have found that the suspension on my beloved 300se will no longer lift the car.
Prior to going away the car was wilting to the right hand side(rhd) when the suspension was going down after use.
Is there anyone out there who can help me,i have looked on line but cant seem to find any info on this models suspension.
I was told that it could just be some o rings that need replacing,but cant find info on that either.

any help would be great.

Many thanks

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Air suspension no mystery

to jonojon67
Thanks Warren, after the draining, locate the Schrader valve on the same tank inside the wheel well. clean it up and blow it up (like a tire) (clever those engineers). after the car is level start listening for leaks, (like a tire). If none are audible, locate with soapy water (like a tire).

There are many potential places which the $8,000 did not fix.
That price should have completely rebuilt the suspension.
Ask for shop receipts and parts documentation.

The problem could be simple or not.
How's that for vague?
There are real experts out there depending which part of the world you are.

If you cannot find leaks nor wish to go ahead with the diagnosis and repair sell one of us the car.

The next item to consider is the motor /transmission condition.
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