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1964 merc 300SE suspension problems

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I am seeking information on my 1964 Mercedes 300SE.
I have been away for 4 months,and on my return have found that the suspension on my beloved 300se will no longer lift the car.
Prior to going away the car was wilting to the right hand side(rhd) when the suspension was going down after use.
Is there anyone out there who can help me,i have looked on line but cant seem to find any info on this models suspension.
I was told that it could just be some o rings that need replacing,but cant find info on that either.

any help would be great.

Many thanks

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Go visit The International M-100 Group and look at the 6.3 forum. The air suspension system is the same as yours, 600 too. There is a lot of good information in there.

One thing to do is drain the air tank under the front left fender. Push up on the drain valve at the bottom. Be careful, the water is oily and squirts out all over the place.

Please post some pics of this beauty.
Hi Wbain
thanks for the info,did empty the resovoir but still will not rise.
i alse tried the other site and have picked up some interesting stuff,thanks for that.
i will keep looking and see if any of the other forums will help.
i will put on some pics when i have a bit of time or will get kids to do it as they are better at that kind of thing

My guess would be that your bellows (a fancy expensive-sounding word for airbags) need replacement, especially if they are original.

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Hi flyboyike
thanks for the info.
when i purchased the car about a year ago from a private collection,they had owned the car for about 5 yrs and had all the airbags replaced,along with other work at a cost of over $8,000.00 i had been told they were good for about 10yrs.I am hoping i will not have to re do them so soon.
I did read somewhere that the compressor could be at fault,i have only done basic mechanics and dont really know where to start or how to check it,anyone got any ideas???


1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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