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1964 merc 300SE suspension problems

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I am seeking information on my 1964 Mercedes 300SE.
I have been away for 4 months,and on my return have found that the suspension on my beloved 300se will no longer lift the car.
Prior to going away the car was wilting to the right hand side(rhd) when the suspension was going down after use.
Is there anyone out there who can help me,i have looked on line but cant seem to find any info on this models suspension.
I was told that it could just be some o rings that need replacing,but cant find info on that either.

any help would be great.

Many thanks

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to jonojon67,
Having dealt with alot of suspension issues of my own over the years the first place I would check is the leveling valve on the side that was leaking down. Star Motors in Endicott,NY does an excellent job of rebuilding those valves and sells them on a core exchange basis. It is not a difficult job to replace them. Use some care when re-attaching air lines and always replace the 'o' rings found in all connections, they can supply those as well. They are not an over the counter item. Get the car pumped up and check all the lines attached to the valve and the center pivot on the suspension link. Minor surface cracks in the rubber of the bellows is acceptable. I did not ask, but will the car raise up while the engine is running? If it does that ok and sinks quickly after you shut it off then it is a fairly major leak and should be easy enough to locate. Also don't forget the fitting on the red steel vessel that the bellows is attached to.
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