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1981 230 G
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i was trying to figure why my left air controls worked and the drivers side did not. as i kept chasing the problem, i found that the valve for the drivers side was frozen. i lubed it for several days and tried to force it tonight. bad idea.

the valve broke, coolant everywhere.

i took off the cover of the air box and can see both heater cores, the fan, etc.

i cannot figure how to remove core and valve, or how to remove box all together.

i will try and locate a service manual, but i am in a real jam!
any thoughts??

btw, when trying to empty the radiator, the draincock bolt busted off as well. at least that should not be too much of a fix as i should be able and take it to a rad shop for repair.

also, the scariest of all questions..... any sources for heater cores and valves, etc??



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Heater Box

Been on that job once, or twice.
Minor trauma, sorta easy job.
Get the correct hoses and clamps when assembl.
So, I have saved two of those from the crusher.
And would sell one, (only need one spare)
Brian O
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