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190E Parts/Part Car Wanted

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Ok, so I let a very good friend of mine borrow my 1991 190E a few months ago. Needless to say, he wrecked it...lesson learned. I need a hood, bumper assembly, grill, pass. fender/light, pass. inner fender, radiator, alternator, etc. I live in New York State. I'm looking for a cheap parts car or parts source. I purchased this car when I was 17 and put the majority of its 215,000 miles on it. It has a lot of sentimental value, and I will fix it. I know some of you know of a 190E sitting in a field/garage/yard/etc., maybe even your yard/garage. I'm a grad student so I'm not really wealthy or anything, but I have some money/time to put into this if I can find the parts. Now think hard, where have you seen an unloved 190E that needs me? E-mail me if you like, [email protected]