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My 1985 190e 2.3 is causing me problems and maybe even a divorce. It was running rough, starting hard, idling high (1500 -2000), and blowing white smoke. A compression check (117-123 each cylinder) confirmed that I blew a head gasket and probably needed a valve job. Since I needed to pull the head for the gasket job, I decided to have the head reconditioned/re-built. New seals, guides, camshaft, rockers/lifters, and a milling. Timing chain was only 6 months old, so I left that. Also did Injector seals. <br> <br> It is now all back together and I have 152psi in each cylinder, which I think is ok. The car starts ok when cold, but idles rough and fast (1500 - 2000). If I shut the car off it does not restart.. seems as if the starter does not have enough torque to turn over engine or battery is really weak. Is something here heat sensative?<br> <br> If the car does run, when I put it in gear (D or R) it will stall. On the off chance it does NOT stall when I put it in gear, the idle drops to 500-600 at a stop and the car idles smooth. Pings like hell when I accelerate and will stall when I get to first stop sign. I suspect that timing is only a minor part of this (not off by more than 2 degrees acording to my light).<br> <br> I have tested the OVP by jumping pin 30 to pin 87. The car ran only marginally better. Also pulled the coldstart valve connection and no difference when starting. Blowing and sucking on the distributor vacuum line has no effect on running either. A vacuum leak? <br> <br> Besides the pinging, if the car is out on the road, it is smooth and quiet, although ever so slightly sluggish.<br> <br> So, now that I have had to walk home or wake my wife up at midnight to drag our 3 month old baby out to pick me up too many times.. I am faced with the thought of getting rid of the car. Unless someone has an idea. I have put a lot of money/time (too many parts to list here) into this car and WANT to keep it. I just need to have it reliable. I cannot afford the $600 the Benz shop wants just to look it over (especially after the head rebuild of $750). Besides, the shop cannot see the car for another 2-3 weeks.<br> <br> Any and all pointers will be very much appreciated. I hate to see a car this nice sit on death row.<br> <br> Thanks
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