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190E Diesel sound

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When then engine is cold it has a clattering sound like a diesel engine, the same is when i accelerate (still with cold engine)
When warm (70-80g) the diesel sound is gone.

Timming belt,tensior, new plugs and wires has been changed, but the problem remains the same.

The car is a 1985 190E 2.0 Aut.

Thx in advance.
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check your valve clearances etc

...and may I ask what is wrong with having a Mercedes that sounds like a diesel [;)]

I'm not sure if you have hydraulic valve adjustment on it or not - if so then there's a chance one or more are not taking up the slack until the car is warm.

That's probably the nicer alternative. It also could be a loose conrod, which will eventually mean a strip down of the motor. [V]. Assume it's alternative #1 for now.
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