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190E Cossy

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There's a cossy for sale up here in WA with 134K miles. It's an '86, in good condition, but needs some minor ext./int. work, and the engine was rebuilt just as a precaution. Seller wants $9000. What do you guys think?
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I was looking for a 16V... that is until I depleted my entire budget on a certain bavarian car... :D
Hmmmm... what Bavarian car would someone be too ashamed to name? Oh wait, I think I've got it...

It's the one made by this manufacturer isn't it!
Hmmm, 18 times what might as well be a Briggs and Stratton lawnmower engine... that's ummm 63bhp. Oh wait, did you guys get the 1986 BMW 325e over there too? :D

Congrats on your new wheels anyway Ivan.

1984babybenz - which BMW Isetta is your uncle doing up? Coupe, sedan, pickup, or 'Jagdwagen' SUV?
Ah, the sliding window model. I've gotta say that it looks like that car has at least one clear design advantage over any modern vehicle - you could change defective headlamp globes in transit without having to pull over and exit the vehicle.

It's great that the German manufacturers have this consistent design 'DNA'. Just as I can look at a 1972 W116 280S and a 2001 R129 SL500 and see the same essential design themes echoing across the decades, so too I can look at your uncle's car and Ivan's new 3 series and see the same core BMW design principles. :D
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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