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190E Cossy

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There's a cossy for sale up here in WA with 134K miles. It's an '86, in good condition, but needs some minor ext./int. work, and the engine was rebuilt just as a precaution. Seller wants $9000. What do you guys think?
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Have any pictures?
Hmmmm... what Bavarian car would someone be too ashamed to name? Oh wait, I think I've got it...

It's the one made by this manufacturer isn't it!

My uncle has that car!!

He is in the process of restoring it now. And by that I mean it is all apart and waiting to be worked on again :rolleyes:
Hmmm, 18 times what might as well be a Briggs and Stratton lawnmower engine... that's ummm 63bhp. Oh wait, did you guys get the 1986 BMW 325e over there too? :D

Congrats on your new wheels anyway Ivan.

1984babybenz - which BMW Isetta is your uncle doing up? Coupe, sedan, pickup, or 'Jagdwagen' SUV?
I believe he has the coupe. It looks almost exactly like this:

He bought if for $300 and already has all the parts to restore it. Just needs to find time to.
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1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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