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1993 190E 2.6
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Hello everyone!
I just drove my car nicely, turned it off and when locking it with my master key noticed that the central locking system doesn't work -- I can only lock every door and the trunk individually. I then noticed that the usual red light in the stereo is off. Then tried starting the car -- doesn't start, makes no clicking sound in the ignition so I can just freely turn the key in both sides. Seems like the car is playing dead.

I'm not sure if it's relevant but when I got in the car earlier tonight, it started suspiciously easily, like immediately and the sound was somewhat louder and more intense than usual. I was surprised because it doesn't like cold temperatures like tonight and I thought it'd be starting lazily as usual in the winter.

What should I do to diagnose the problem, and hopefully, to solve it? My only thought is to disconnect and reconnect the battery...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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