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There is no particular glaring problem with the model you describe. Just be aware that despite only 115,000km the car is 16 years old. Certain things deteriorate with age as well as distance travelled. You are wise in choosing a car with good service history and in good condition. Assuming good condition and lack of rust etc. (which is usually not a problem with the 190E anyway) there are only a few mechanical items worth bringing to your attention. The M103 six cylinder motor does have a known problem with oil leaks. An oil leak high on the front of the motor is not serious and easily repaired. An oil leak at the rear corner of the motor on the exhaust side can indicate impending head gasket failure. Again repairable, but at greater cost. Oil in the coolant reservoir is one symptom of the eventual gasket failure. The plastic radiator tanks are prone to failure with age if the radiator has not already been repaired or replaced. The automatic transmissions can require repairs at higher mileages. Generally speaking though, the M103 is a smooth, strong, long-lived motor and the 190E is a solid, safe, well-built car with good comfort, superb handling and reasonable performance and fuel economy.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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