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190e 2.6 trouble shooting advice

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i realize this is rather vague, but its all i've got to go on so far. my 89 190e 2.6 with 138k -- last night leaving work, about 2 minutes down the highway, it hesitated, acted like it was going to stall, but then a second later, was back to normal. drove another 60 miles and it was fine. this morning, coming to work, about 5 miles after leaving the house, the car cut out and stalled while i was driving about 30mph. coasted to a stop on the side of the road. tired to restart, no go. called aaa to get a tow home. about 5 minutes later, while on hold with them, i tried again. car started. i drove home, and took the wife's car to get to work. i'm thinking fuel system, but that's just a guess. any good ideas on where to start? thanks. alan